Wide Awake and Dreaming


A few things can really shake me and pierce my heart. To think of it, I can pretty much handle whatever it is that come my way on a daily basis. I can work my way through it and a simply fight it off. I can handle all of these things without much second thought. I can let it all go without even thinking twice.

Just don’t attack my family. If you want to break my heart and pour salt on the open wound: mess with my family.

My heart is still breaking for my brother and reeling over the fact that his tramp of an ex-girlfriend cheated on him. My heart broke when someone randomly spoke about my dad on some blog that doesn’t even reach a great amount of circulation.

I’ve always been sensitive when it came to my family. I can take all the hits on the world but not them.

Maybe this is what’s contributing to this decision that I came home to a couple of days ago.

It’s something that I’ve always wanted to do. And now that I’m given the chance to actually live it, I’m not having second thoughts. But I’m decided; I will go after that dream—whatever it takes.

Whew. It always feels good to write.

Like the world’s aligned again.