Yes, He Loves Me


no matter what it is you’re going through: GOD LOVES YOU.

this is an amazing fact that sometimes i forget or deem impossible because if anyone knew who i really was 24/7, flaws and all, they may not like me.

i keep forgetting that God isn’t just anyone, that HE IS GOD and on my loneliest of days, He is there, a prayer away. that my prayers don’t have to take an hour to get to him, a whisper would be fine.

that no matter what i say, no matter what i do, it does not change how much He loves me.

and to know that i am loved this way, to be given this privilege to be loved like this is something that you would want to share with everyone.

when somebody loves you, you just want to share that kind of love to the world and it’s not the kind of love that retreats when it gets hurt, but it’s the kind of love that pushes you to keep loving those who reject you.

it strives to exemplify love the way that it is written in 1 Corinthians 13, it’s the kind of love that does not demand and the kind of love you would give to a stranger on a street.

it’s the love that the world does not know of. the love that makes you see the good in people and the love that pushes you to treat people right even if they never will because that is how God loves.

to see them as people who were also created by God (even if you would like to see them as monsters! been there!) and they were sent here for a purpose.

i wish everyone understood that that they were sent here for a purpose and that God has every single day of their life arranged, that they’re taken care of maybe there would be less hurt and lonely people in the world.

I may not know what’s next but I know I have a God who loves me and no matter what happens, He is preparing me for far greater things that is meant to glorify Him. 🙂