i want a matt too


I love Ugly Betty and I don’t know how many tears i’d be shedding once the series is over.

Ugly Betty came out around the same time that I started working and i know that there’s just this connection between us, it’s as if i could relate to Betty’s life and quirky personality.
Another thing I loved about this particular series is that no matter how Betty looks or what she wears, there’s always an amazing guy who falls for her and everything real about her.
Betty doesn’t change for a guy to like her and that has been inspiring.
And her last relationship (i’m only in episode 11 so don’t ruin it for me although i’d like to think that i’m the only person watching Ugly Betty) with Matt Hartley just left my knees weak.
For one thing, Matt adores Betty’s quirkiness and despite being from entirely different backgrounds, Matt adjusts to Betty and vice versa.
Matt is not afraid to show his feelings for Betty and the amazing thing about it is that he never fails to tell Betty how special he thinks she is.
So imagine the state that I was in when i learned that Matt was leaving for Africa and once again left Betty loveless. It totally broke my heart because i do believe that you only meet this kind of guy once and for him to leave could just be the start of having cats as companions as we know it.
But Betty did it for a good cause, she wanted Matt to feel good about himself and have a complete life before they settle together (oh will they settle in together? or will he just leave?!).
It’s so heartbreaking because Betty had a good thing going on.
Okay, i totally forgot the point of this entry.
Yes, Matt. *sigh*
Do Matts even exist anymore?