i just finished reading “I Dare You” by Joyce Meyer and there are so many quotes from that book i’d probably be needing more than three blog entries to write them all down.

basically it says, “Jesus died for you to have the best kind of life possible here on earth, not while waiting for Heaven.”

and it’s wonderful because she doesn’t just talk about monetary wealth but she speaks about wealth in all areas of our life including our relationships, emotions and our health.

God expects to give us nothing but the best and we have to accept that. She also discusses the use of struggles in our lives and it made so much sense, basically it’s all about delayed gratification.

God wants us prepared when He hands us the blessing which is why He trains us. He doesn’t want to spoil the wonderful plan He has for our lives which is why He wants to make sure we’re ready.

The book just really left me feeling renewed about God’s love and how we shouldn’t rely on our emotions and we shouldn’t give the devil any room to control our emotions. it really made me think twice about how i’ve been responding to people lately and my emotions. i no longer want to give in to my emotions, i no longer want to be the girl who is controlled by it.

i want to live a life that reflects God’s goodness. i want a life that doesn’t give in to anger. i want a life that counts and a life that encourages other people as well.

i want that kind of life and from now on, i dare myself to live in the best way possible.