Yes, I can be such a girl sometimes =)



Currently Listening to: Twilight Playlist, MUSE (LOOVEEE MUSEEEE!!) COLD PLAY, DUFFY, Sara Bareilles among others 😉

There was this beautiful girl who just walked in the room and I almost fell out of my seat. She was that beautiful and as a girl, you would immediately know my reaction, awe and then well, you know insecurity. But only for a split second but I must admit that you know it did bother me a bit. I don’t think any female specie would feel any differently.

Unfortunately, that’s how the world works, in jest. I mean, just like what Karla and I were talking about the other day, you can control your emotions and what you think of. After a moment’s notice of insecurity and got over it. I was just grateful for the many things I had and realized that I was too busy to pine for things that I didn’t have.

Another thing: I got out of the past week ALIVE. After all the drama, the sucky weather, heartaches and then some, I’m alright. Better, I dare say and I couldn’t wait to relax this weekend. I have three books to consume and have accounting to study for. Plus, I have to catch my brother sing in this a-capella competition this Sunday!! I’m so proud of my little brother. He’s juggling so many things!

My officemate said that it was as if I was floating (thus the current mood) and they noticed that I’ve been grinning all day. Ha. Maybe because it’s the weekend already or maybe it’s because of other things. But hang on, I’m taking it slow this time.

happy weekend, everyone =)