it was a good day and i’m not just saying that it really was.
I got inspired to write today and any day that inspires me to write is a good day and although I didn’t get to dance with sunflowers just like the girl on the picture above, it felt that way.
So despite such a crappy day yesterday, something made me feel good and it had nothing to do with falling in love or love at first sight or any of those crap that people always sensationalize.
it was nothing like that but it felt good.
it felt good because it had nothing to do with attachments, commitment, falling in love, what-ifs and those other bullcrap that ruins everything.
it was a moment at the very least and it probably wouldn’t lead up to anything BUT for that moment it was good enough.
i was talking to my good friend Toby through YM and I told her this, in between our conversations about semi quarter life crisis, “i’ve come to realize that relationships come and go and you can’t expect it to last forever unless it’s meant so even for a brief moment, i experienced something magical like that it’s okay cause at that time it was good enough”
and i know that whenever i remember that special moment with the boy with hazel eyes, I’d always back with a smile on my face.
i finished reading Dear John today and finally I can give a big round of applause to Nicholas Sparks for not making them end up together (sorry if i spoiled this! haha)! It was so painful but perfect at the same time. i could only sigh.