You’ve Got Family After All..


I got my surprise 21st birthday gift ten days early and let me tell you one thing, I do not handle surprises well!

I did not know how to react and instead just stared and hugged the box for a really long time before ripping the wrapping paper open. I cried, of course and was left speechless for minutes before finally thanking my mom and keeping my dad’s note.

I wanted to sleep it with it but instead kept it in my cabinet among with other valuable things. It’s still there, I cannot wait for 4:30 so I can finally tinker with it.

You see, I love giving out surprises, but it’s been done to me only twice- once with my eight kids and now with my parents.

It’s a great feeling. As you all know I’ve been having a rather shitty seven days and this just makes up for all the hurt and frustration over the past weeks.

My parents always always want the best for me and they do absolutely everything to give me the best and that thought just fills me with so much emotion and joy because sometimes I don’t think I deserve the best.

That’s a good pick me upper.

That’s the reason why I gather my strength from them.