My Final Letter to Mr. Riot,


You confuse me.

So I decided to finally let you know through this letter that it wasn’t something earth shattering. It was something that was exciting and fun for at time but I never meant it to sprout into all of these serious things.
I do miss you though, if there’s one thing I’m sure of, it’s that.
I miss you the way I would if a friend would leave me. I miss you the way I would if a friend suddenly stops texting or communicating.
I’m a highly emotional person so it was never about me being in love (that sounds just silly!), it was actually just about something as plain and simple as a could be friendship between people.
Maybe, because of my own immature ways of showing people that I care for them, it ended being something more than what it should have really been or what it really is.
I myself was confused with the whole run of this but I ended up with this conclusion, you could have been a great friend. Tsk. Sayang.
So this ends the saga, Mr. Riot. Thank you and I wish you well.
All my kisses,