Do You Have What It Takes?


I’m the eternal Peter Pan.

I’ve been annoyed constantly by good friends (ahem Mr. Pagdonsolan) because despite all that crazy things that I’ve been through lately, I still managed to believe that there’s a fairy tale waiting for me out there.

And I still believe it, although today, I’ve come to realize that maybe just maybe, my faith in happy endings just ended today.

The world is a cruel place.
Friends betray you, friends with whom you gave everything to would drop you for no reason at all.
The most popular music legend, in truth, does not live a perfect life. He’s haunted by monsters and his own personal demons.

The perfect guy you meet in a perfect setting and with whom you talk to for hours turns out to be just a really nice guy. He’s just not that into you and you can’t bring to hate him because he’s really the nicest person you have ever met.

You’d also realize that the perfect guy falls for the timid, chinky eyed and small boned girl. He wants none of the passionate and sometimes loud big boned and wide eyed the anti thesis of an Asian girl that you are.

But also, at the same time, you come to realize that life is still wonderful.

You’ve got a great family. You’ve got wonderful friends. Your job is moving. You’re studying again. Everyday, you’re learning.

You got little but wonderful things for your 21st birthday.
You don’t want to be stuck in where you are, but you’re happy that life is moving to the direction that you want it to.

Yes, maybe I didn’t get my fairytale yet. But I think I need to tweak its definition.

I think my fairytale doesn’t involve any happy endings. It involves being happy right now.

I think it’s fairytale enough to know that yes, life throws these incredible hurdles your way but God gave you the strength to ovecome it. He gave you people at that exact same time to heal you from the hurt and help you move forward with grace.

Fairytales always involved happy and lovable characters and I’m happy that I’m blessed with so many of them. People who make me laugh and make me feel appreciated (that’s you Riot).

Being happy right now is fairytale enough.