No Man Is An Island… So They Say


When I entered pre-school, just like everyone else, I expected to have a lot of friends. My parents raised me oozing with so much self-confidence that I just expected everyone to be friends with me and you know in pre-school, when the main purpose is to socialize (so I learned from my Foundations of Education class) and interact, its quite easy.

I guess, it gets trickier as you get older since you deal with a lot of things which mainly includes: insecurity, greed and unwanted anger that’s been building up since you were young. With all these factors, you sort of just drift away from the idea that you can find real friends.

In a perfect world, you would be best friends with every single person you meet. In utopia, everyone you meet has nothing but kind words to say to you or about you, but I guess that’s the reason why there’s no such thing, it’s because things are never perfect and people always end up saying something about you, even if you just met or had one conversation (must remind self that not every conversation is as perfect as 050809).

Even friends that has been there since you were ten turn away, find new ones or realize that you don’t fit in thier little social hemisphere so they decide to cut you out of thier lives or simply forget to reply to a text message or a wall post. They simply drift away, drift away to friends with cooler cars, cooler clothes or just a cooler crowd.

You find friends in highschool, but you never find them after. Or maybe you do, but they’re never quite the ones you expect them to be.

It’s for this very reason that’s why sometimes I pull away from people. Why it takes me awhile to trust people. Peyton was right, people always leave, but well-meaning ones stay forever. They leave sometimes, but they do come back, that proves that they’re meant to be a part of your lives.

But you know, I’ve changed my perspective about things. Yes, it’s true that some people are not meant to be a part of our lives for a really long time, but they’re meant to be there for awhile. Even if we had a really bad experience with them, maybe that’s the purpose they served, to teach us something which, in the end benefits us and not them.

So maybe because of this new perspective, i’ve learned to let go of people easier. I was never meant some of them forever.