here i go turning my life around on a perfect day…


Today is a good day because for one thing, it stopped raining but its still really cold outside, i’m listening to old school Eagle Eyed Cherry and well, I just feel good. I only had three hours of sleep but still I’m so energetic and another thing is this i’m not thinking of you at all.

For the first time in months, I’m not going around thinking that I should see you or I should be with you. I’m just at a stable place that no longer includes you anymore. And I must admit, it’s not as grave as the previous one, but it still counts for a little bit of insanity.

You know i’ve learned not to regret it, any of it. Yes it was a mistake but not grave enough for it to be fatal.

I just feel good and it has nothing to do with work or anyone else. It just makes sense to be happy.

I guess when you stop expecting from the people around you, everything else just falls into place, everything else just makes sense again. I guess you could only rely on people so much, but at the end of the day, you have to rely on your own inner strength, sometimes we forget that we’re blessed with tons of it.

I’ve also realized that I’m 21 now and I have responsibilities. I’m no longer a little child that can run around and not expect to face the consequences for whatever decision I make. No matter how minute the consequence may be, it’s still a consequence.

Also, despite how driven I am, I doubt that I would be able to accomplish all that I want to achieve in a year’s time so it’s best that I stick to this path that I chose and let everything fall into place the way that they should be because no matter what happens, they will fall into place. Whatever’s meant to happen, will.

And maybe, i’ve also reached a point that i’m no longer afraid. I’m no longer afraid to take certain risks, but probably with caution this time.

For the meantime, while my wonderful life unfolds itself, i’ll continue to enjoy lazy days as this one, where everything is cool, calm and steady. They do come around often, all I have to do is take a seat and relish it.

Happy Weekend 🙂