And i fell in love again :)


When a love so strong touches your life, it changes you.

It makes you think back to the days before it manifested in your life and you couldn’t go back to how you used to be. It doesn’t matter how long it was in your life, all that matters is that it changed you; it changed something in you that you couldn’t quite define.
My eleven boys had their graduation today and as usual, even though I promised myself I wouldn’t, I cried a river. This sucks because they always become extremely sweet towards the end of the program and they’re always monsters at the beginning. This was more challenging than my last ESL camp because these boys were all hormonally charged and would rather play soccer than listen to me drone on and on about grammar, parts of speech and what not.
There were days that I wanted to give up, more than anything, I wanted to just break down and cry because I felt that I was not getting to them. I felt that all my efforts were wasted and their hearts, just like any man I know, was cold and harsh.
But, in the way that they called my name, in the way that they tried to be the best during quizzes and whatnot, it made me realize that what I was doing was worthwhile and even though I may never see these boys again or may never hear from them again, but it’s all good, I don’t regret anything because I was able to show them my love, no matter how little the ways were.
I’m definitely going to miss them, I think they took a little part of me with them and they left a little of themselves in me.