I’ve been carrying around this feeling since the beginning of this week, ever since my kids left.

It’s like I’ve been sleeping for awhile, like my heart’s been in a slumber and suddenly it woke up. It’s been months since I felt it stir inside of me and I couldn’t say that I fell into a Bella-like depression during those months.

I was doing okay, busy with all the things, improving myself and basically, living my life and you know i’m proud of this whole independence thing, however, I haven’t been this alive in a really really long time.

And in a really subtle way, I think this attributes to your brilliance in my life. The brilliance that you’ve brought back to my life.

And i’m not one of those smugs who rely on just one person to make me happy, but it does help because i’ve noticed that everytime you’re around and everytime we’re okay, there’s this flash of joy that enters my life and it outpours into other aspects of my life.

And that’s simply amazing because it makes me love the people around me more, like this brilliance and joy that I feel inside ignites my passion to love others more.
Brilliance- that’s what you represent in my life.