All my single ladies :)


It’s that time of the year again where all the couples make up, crushes are revealed and real love is uttered through a marching band, a wacky tenor or worst, both.

As a highschool student, I used to dreeaaad vday simply because I was an overweight chump who wouldn’t get asked out to prom.

These days, I see Vday as an excuse to show my friends how much I love them without acting like an insane stalker, a lesbo or both. So here goes my list to the people I <3, boy, girl, single or taken: Sexy Abi: I seriously admire your confidence and how secure you are. Hands down Abi, you are one of the coolest people I know. Alia: Kins, where do I start? You’re my twin soul and I’d appreciate you for that forever. Cheers to the text messages and to a good day everyday =) Angelie: One of the prettiest, nicest girls ever. Stargirl, geek buddy, the girl who knows everyone I know: you rock! Abbie M: You taught me how to pray for “the one”, sheer faith that you fueled keeps me sane during weekends like these. Arvin: Team sorofrat. Wow arvs, you are still that conscience that speaks to me. You will be our next president, don’t you dare forget our plan. =) Bianx: Always so sweet! When will I see you??! It’s funny to remember because when I was 13, your brother was my dream vday date and I was scared of my sister in law to be. HAHA =D Carla Bianca: My namesake =) e, ang ganda mo e noh?! Wow, may sikat ako na friend. HAHA =D Cheska: I’m happy we bonded in Tagaytay, sis =) Cherry: Dyosa!! 🙂 You’re one of the most kindhearted people I know. So selfless =) Chorong: Kruuung. I miss you =( Dais: I can hate you for not replying but then again, you’re my long lost siamese twin chi chi. You are my chi and even if we can go months without talking because life’sa bitch, we pick up where we left off and I will love you forever for that. Magtext naman, kahit minsan. HAHA =D Elyds: Frriend!! :p Gabriel: Ang heartthrob ng buhay ko. HAHA =D Gracey: Sexy and diet buddy. You are beautiful =) Gym soon? Irma: My tinkerbell. Always spreading pixie dust everywhere you go. Thanks for being so generous with your time and everything else. =) Jai: we have our conflicts but heey i love you =) Tina: always so thoughtful, you’re a coool friend and a wonderful mom! Sure am proud of you =) Jericho: Peaches! Hirit pa ng pick-up line. Yan mga stars na yan! Miss you seatmate =) Karen: I miss your parties and I still think of you when I see something blue =) Jowee Anne: One of the sweetest girls I know! So smart, so nice, I hope we can bond more. =p Kae Kae Kae: The duoship is one that stands the test of time. Aminin, iisa lang ako =p Kara: My prayer warrior. My steadfast prayer partner through the darkest days and happiest times. I love you for being the sister I’ve always needed. =) Keichi: thanks for your creative output but more than that, thanks for being a friend. We young professors should stick together =) LA: Food trip buddy! thanks for always being sooo nice. I miss our bonding! Len: Ay friend talaga kita, period =) elevator? Elevator? Mady: Ikaw ang superstar ng buhay ko!! Haha =) Mara: I love our friendship but definitely I love you more. I’m so happy for you Mars, you deserve it. Marc: Always the love of my highschool life. Eto ang dream boy =) miss you. May: Pretty ka and sweet. See you soon. Sana we bonded more in SFC. Hehe =) Melanie: haha. You knew about everything and yet you didn’t say anything. you are a good person and I appreciate you for that. Haha. Maldita lang minsan. Haha =p Memsie: You are my favorite person. PERIOD. The best! Mervyn: I miss yooouu (pat, tell him this na lang. Haha) Micah: You sooo coool. Haha. Mikey: You’re eccentric but so kind and cute. Lovely accent! Make the ib vid a good one! Any girl would be lucky to be your valentine. Haha =) MJ: You were always such a gentleman =) Nolan: You are my best best friend even if you disappear on me. Mahal kita. =) Pat: The perfect beauty queen: kind. Smart. Beautiful. Never change beauty queen =) Paulo: yes you bueser. You are sooo bolero but when you look past the need to make bola, you’re pretty cool. Most of the best conversations I had, I had with you. =) Pia: Soeur, you will go soo far in life. You have no idea how proud I am of you. =) Ralph: I don’t get you but yeah… Dude. Haha =) Regina: Thanks for the book you gave me in sixth grade, I still read it =) Rosa: You are so pretty. I just had to say it. Also sooo sweet and hmm, alam mo, tama theory mo. Haha. Gets? Okay. Hush. Haha =D Sam: Siir Sam, you’ll be a brother soon. Yay! Sami: Loooveeeeeee =) Shane: ay, sige absent pa. Haha =) always so respectful. Stephan: thanks for always being cooperative. The handsome face matches the amazing person =) Clarissa: oh wow, you are sooo fuunny. I love the energy, I love the quirks. Haha. One of my favorite people, basta don’t invite me to mall of asia again, okay? Haha =p Tini: Ang galing, we only talked once sa csa at tiinarayan mo lang ako. Haha. We became friends sa cyberworld. O diba, ang galing =p cool mo. Swear. Thei: Saludo ako sayo =) Tin: Tequilla, we’re meant to be friends. =) Vernica: I miss you little sister =) Wendy: Haha. Gossip girl, ano pa ba? Haha. =) I’m so happy that we’re friends. Ibang klase ka supermodel!
Kat: You have always been a good person. No doubt you are beautiful, but what’s inside of you doesn’t even compare. You are wonderful =)

Karla: no matter what, you are and will always be my bestfriend =)

Kristina: Wala akong masabi. Cool ka =)

Sashing: I’ll always be your chika. You are beautiful.

Karren: sexy!

Precious: Berry! You are so beautiful inside out. I love the fact that we have the same taste in everything. Trio tayo ni Wends e.

Sam: Remember in fifth grade you promised to be my bridesmaid? You were always so wonderful =)

KC: You continue to inspire me. truly you are my angel =)

And lastly, I know I’m so anti vday but here goes, to the two most important guys in my heart:

Daddy and Carl: Every single guy in my life would have to measure up to the both of you. So trust me when I say that no one has even come close since the both of you are nails in a haystack. I am blessed. =)

Mama: My bestfriend.

Eto, serious na:

To Danny: I could have. We could have…

To the KING: it’s not yet over. really all you have to do is move.

<3 Seriously, with all these amazing people in my life, who needs roses, chocolates or a fancy dinner? =)