Because Kae is awesome and made me repost this. teehee


>Make a GAME of it whenever life presents a seemingly unconquerable difficulty.

>Somewhere between the bad hangovers and drunken heart to heart talks, you’ll realize that all you need in life are a few good friends and a few good shots.

>The greatest gift is the gift of love, and loving in return. —Moulin Rouge

>Sometimes, you’ll like someone; but they’ll never notice. So you pick up the pieces and move on. —My Name Is Earl

>Quote of the day: Life is hard–like a rock. —Manay Po 2

>Rule #2: DONT DRUNK DIAL. If someone gives you a call at the worst time of the night, and has had a drink – but isn’t drunk – is that still considered “drunk dialling?”

>You stood there, just stood there. Why?

>Stage 2: The TURN. Making something ordinary EXTRA-ordinary.