My Cause? Say no to emotional torment!


I went into an emotional rage again earlier and it’s not because of any of the following:

A) I’ve been listening to Beyonce’s If I Were A Boy and Adele’s Chasing Pavements all day

B) I encountered you again yesterday. Okay, for the record not everything in this blog is about YOU.

Truth is, the kids came back to school yesterday and even though they can truly drive one insane. It made me go back to the reason why I applied for this job in the first place. It’s always fresh and to see kids on a day-to-day basis keeps me young (ahem ahem).

So back to what I was saying, I went into an emotional rage earlier because I saw a young, probably sweet boy who was eating alone and for some weird reason it just wrenched my heart. Why?

Because nobody deserves to be alone and i’m not saying this in the shallow sense of the word, but in a deeper, psychological sense. I hated seeing that boy alone because you know there’s a lot of residue in being emotionally battered when you’re in school.

I’m not saying that eating alone will turn a person into a monster, but there’s something about being excluded that just wrenches my heart.

I’ve never been the popular girl. I’ve always been this ecclectic creature who never minced her words (maybe the reason why I keep a blog?) but i’ve been emotionally bullied so many times when I was younger by peers (oddly enough some even turned into trusted friends) that its something that I don’t wish for anyone, most especially kids.

So, just in random thinking, I’ve come to realize that this is going to be my cause from now on. I have no idea how I’m going to uplift this specific cause (suggestions anyone?) but if I do make one person less lonely then i’ll be a very very happy person.

I think I went through specific situations in life (not attending prom for instance) for a reason and that’s to become more sensitive of others (well, I’m not sensitive of other people all the time, hey, i am human after all) and to spread some sort of love.

I almost cried earlier because of what I saw. Another wish: I hope kids will be less of evil spawns. I’m telling you: It’s difficult to be a kid these days with the things that they do to each other.

If in some way, I could make it stop, I will surely will.

Just because being emotionally tormented produces evil people in the world who would eventually produce evil spawns and the tragedy continues.