Sister Love and other random things


My sister and I grew up apart. She was in the States for the most of our young life and I was—well, here. I idolized my sister from the moment that she sent me her communion pictures. And for awhile there, a Jan-Marsha Brady thing existed, but that was more from me than her.

But I’m glad that those insecurities faltered and my love for her outgrew the insecurity, which is really an incredible thing. It is so empowering to see my sister and I growing closer despite the distance (thank God for GMAIL). And my heart’s just really big right now and really really happy. It’s like my sister and I have burned the bridge between us and we’re more open.

You know during moments like these, it just makes me grateful because even if I don’t have that significant other- yet. I’m pretty happy with what I have.

I hope it’s not too late for us to do all those sister things that I’ve always always wanted us to do.


Let me just say that this whole optimistic thing is really working. Ever since I became more conscious of how negative I can be sometimes, I’ve really worked hard on you know being less critical of people, myself and situations. Somehow, I outgrew it and seriously, the come back is just GREAT. Of course, it also helps if you just lean towards the positive instead of constantly thinking of what could go wrong. Seriously, it’s better to just let a few things slide.

My faith is just ridiculous right now. In months, I’ve never been this happy and secured.


Another reason to be happy: OBAMA WON. Ain’t this an exciting time to be alive?


Rediscovering people can be another wonderful thing given freely. I’m happy to rediscover you again. It’s just amazing and exciting how we’re back to square one, but this time I won’t be a devious little bitch and try to scheme things into happening.

I’m going to let it happen this time around, because as I always say if it’s meant to happen, it will.

It just feels so right. Now, I get all those cheesy people when they say how someone just feels right. I honestly don’t know where this little thing is going to lead but all I know is that well, he’s going to be in my heart for a really really long time and no one else could ever measure up.

To love someone this big can be dangerous but at least its nice to know that I have the heart to actually love someone this much.