Carla is not… PICKY!


I met up with a mentor earlier and in my head, I am still debating with him, because here’s the thing I am not picky!

I’d like to think that I’m idealistic and in these trying times, everyone needs a little idealism streak in them. I don’t think I can survive all the not so nice things that have happened to me if I didn’t believe that it served its purpose for something greater in my life.

That specific mentor also said that I was still stuck in high school and still believed that everything has to feel right in order for it to be right. He calls it the “tweet-tums” stage; I call it, my inner peter pan. He simply calls it an “I’m-stuck-in-highschool” syndrome.

I still think I won that argument.

The thing is, really, I am not, for the life of me picky—at all!

It’s just that I’ve set my life at a certain pace and I’ve already planned the things that I want to do before I hit 25. So, I guess what I’m trying to say is that my life is perfectly aligned already, I may use different directions to get to my goal, but the end goal is there.

And I don’t know if this is a good thing, but once you get in the middle of what I’m trying to do with my life and where I want to go, then I cut you off easily. You can’t control me, I won’t allow it. I’ve worked too hard.

So, in a way, I guess I can be very good at keeping my emotions at bay. I have no room for games and no room for drama at this point, so unless you’re here to make my life easier and the load lighter, then I’m sorry I don’t have room for you.

Also, maybe it’s also because I was raised not to need men. Meaning that I was blessed to grow up with a father who was there (still there, always there, thanks to Sun’s 24/7! HAHA) and a solid family who doesn’t make me look elsewhere for “love” (lo and behold!).

I know, I know, it’s all in the Lord’s plan to find someone to share your life with, because at some point, I will be alone. But for cripes’ sake, I’m twenty years old!

My friends tell me that having a significant other at this point is pretty awesome considering that all they commit to is video games, cars and oh yeah, petty fights.

A little cynical, maybe. But come on, really! People keep giving me hack about being “too-picky” (what does that mean anyway?!) when in reality, I don’t think I needed added stress at this point.

I mean if it happens, it happens, which is really a good way to look at it because you know if you keep chasing after something that isn’t meant for you, then you’ll simply be stressing yourself out over nothing.

If it’s God’s will, then it will just happen. No scheming, no games. Just something real.

So there, I’m not picky!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!