It Just Doesn’t Matter Anymore…


Just a little while ago, I had a little run-in with a colleague at work and also a little earlier than that, I had a snooty order from someone who used to be nice.

It might be all the pressure at work but I’m amazed at how I was able to shrug it off.

Now, I don’t want that to sound extremely self-righteous, but here’s one fact that you should know.

I used to be this big wig people pleaser. My ultimate goal in life was to please people and make sure that my reputation was spick and that people could not say anything bad against me.

Well, thank God I grew up because it got a little too tough for me, I mean we’re not in high school anymore!!

So you do what you have to do and move on with your life, despite the little battles that you shouldn’t even be fighting in the first place.


So i’ve been on a one tree hill marathon, which is pretty pointless since i’ve got every episode memorized, and I’ve been reliving the Na-ley drama.

I hated her the first time I watched it, but somehow, now that I’m older, I kindda get her point.

It may sound a little selfish, but come on, this is the only time in our lives where we can actually be selfish and care less about someone else.

I mean why spend so much time and energy on a person when you can spend it getting to know yourself and with other people?

And why give up your dream and countless opportunities when you can have whatever it is later on? It’s probably the pessimist in me speaking. But those are just thoughts really.

So anyway, I never found Haley pretty but in this picture, she most definitely is! 🙂


I think I’m becoming more and more of an OC every single day. It’s getting kindda scary already! OH NO!!!

I had a funny conversation with Daisy (who else would I have interesting conversations with??!) but I’d rather not put into detail the things we discussed.

They’re not too personal, they’re just really mean, even for us! HAHA. But damn, a girl has to have her priorities!


I’m having a good day so far, I hope you are too!