Does This Mean I’m Happy?


I’ve never been the type to count my chickens before the egg is hatched or something like that, but I guess that’s because I’ve always tried to repress whatever it is that i m feeling just so I won’t get hurt in the end which is a pretty stupid way to live.

Constantly thinking of the tomorrow that may never come seems like a total waste of my time so today, I took the risk, while calculating the possible outcome and ended up feeling that flutter and natural high that I haven’t felt inawhile.

The past doesn’t really matter, no matter how many people from it waltz in back into my life, today would be different, that i’m sure of.

So I bought Lady Gaga’s CD and realized that the last CD I picked up was Adele’s, so there goes the contradicting moods. 🙂

It’s nice to be happy and not to be so cautious. it’s a tremendous feeling… 🙂

So dude, thanks for making me happy. It’s been a damned long time.