finals hungover


Finals is finally over. Its been three days since my last Final and still I still haven’t fully recovered from it. It was a far cry from how finals were conducted before in my dear alma mater. It was so so different. It felt like a challenge, but I know that they only way I got through with it was because of the Lord’s strength. It was only because of Him that I was able to get through all the information into my head.
So first term is over. Three months just passed and it still feels like yesterday. I am now recharging by reading Harry Potter and the half blood prince (omg! I can’t stop reading! Hahaha) and watching watching watching (I so <3 <3 veronica mars… hahaha!), things I can’t spend much time on when the second term starts.
You know what? Its so important to be able to enjoy what you’re doing and call me a geek, but I so love studying.
Hahaha… 😉