Goodbye Peter Pan


I have another embarassing confession (which is why this thing is in contacts only mode).

I liked someone and he was younger.

Not cougar younger (I just turned twenty after all) but younger than the guys I previously liked and he was so magical that he made me want to go back to high school. Which I’ve been highly opposed to because high school is not really one’s wonderama, it’s as catty as the workplace, you just don’t get paid for staying there eight hours a day and you really don’t worry about your bills.

He pulled me back for awhile and I was so smitten that I forgot that despite the little difference in our ages, we were worlds apart.

Thank God, I finally got out of that slumber, as wishful as it was.

It just wasn’t right. (Embarassing if you want to get down to it) But, it was pretty entertaining and was good while it lasted.

It made me go back to my high school days of wanting to party like a rockstar, have as many friends on facebook as possible and go out every weekend. It was good because I missed feeling like that for awhile, considering that I have adapted a very serious way of living for quite awhile.

It was nice but damn, definitely no longer for me because inasmuch as I don’t want to admit it, I’m no longer a teenager and I’ve been given so many responsibilities that it’s time for me to own up to it.

I’m faced with a gazillion choices and you know, it’s time for me to simply grow up and experience life for what it is and for what it offers me at this point

I guess this whole fascination comes with the territory of “not growing up” and the boy I liked was my twinkledust.

But it’s time for me to return to my reality and for the first time in ages, I’m happy with what I see and what I have.

I was pretty stupid for awhile. So much for wishful thinking babe.

So you know I’m at my happy place and maybe this weekend, instead of partying like a rockstar, I’m probably just going to get coffee with a few friends and catch a movie. =)

So much for fairtytales coming true. In another lifetime, perhaps?