We could have been so good together. I say that with a touch of irony babe =)


“You did have a fairytale ending. you decided to leave neverland. though i hope peter pan understands wendy needs to grow up. :)”
-Mara Yulo
I’m not sure if Mara has a multiply account, but I’d like to thank her.
Because her comment on my facebook page meant soo much to me because it describes what I was feeling yesterday but I just failed to find the words.
I do hope Peter Pan understands my need to run away.
I caught up with Nolan’s blog entry and damn, that guy should be writing more often! His blog entry totally moved me which is the reason why I’m writing again! (So BLAME HIM).
I don’t understand how people can go through so much emotions in a couple of days, that’s what’s been happening to me, just going through so many things when in fact my life’s just been stable.
It’s hard to explain but I hope that somehow, it makes sense.
Robbie and I were texting earlier and she said something that touched my heart. I deleted the exact message but it said something about me being strong enough to be alone.
I never really saw myself as that, but hearing it from her, it just made my heart swell. Maybe, it’s because I never saw myself as strong.
I was just always waiting for the right person and the perfect timing without realizing that I’ve grown to love and appreciate myself even more. That I’ve stopped wanting something like that in my life. If it happens, it happens but it’s not like i’ll chase after it.
But the same goes for running away. I can’t keep running.
Who needs a man right? With friends like her. =)
I absolutely love proctoring for the IB. These kids are so smart and fun to be with. I should be spending time with them more often.
Let me just say to you: Don’t hate me for the decisions I’ve made in the past month. I’m just not affected, okay? Which means that I’m over you.
It’s as simple as that, love. Besides, I was never into deep anyway so just quit it!
I cannot believe how highly you think of yourself. GROW UP!