About two weeks ago, my International Management class was held in Starbucks and I couldn’t help but notice that cup that Nolan was drinking from had the name Vince on it. Being the curious jooper that I am, I couldn’t help but ask why it was for “vince” and not “Nolan”. What I didn’t realize was that there is such an engaging story about it. Believe me Nolan does a good reenactment on why he uses the name “Vince” inside a Starbucks store.

Nolan (as the Starbucks Cashier): “Name Sir?”
Nolan (as himself): “NOLAN
Nolan(as SC): “Donald?”
Nolan (as himself): “NO-LA-N
Nolan(as SC): “Ronald?”
Nolan (as himself): “Oo na

Nolan (as SC): “Rolan?”

Nolan with an exasperated sigh smiles and ends his story with this, “Kaya Vince na lang.”

Good one, Nol. What makes it funnier is the fact that this is actually true.
And we’re paying a hundred dollars a cup. *sigh*
It must be in the beans.

While buying water at a stall in Megamall (oohhh, I love megmall hehe!)
Me: “Miss, one water pelase
Lady: “1 ma’am. Yes, ma’am
Me: “Okay…thanks
(Lady disappears behind the counter to get my water when she pops her head right back up)
Lady: “Ma’am…dalawa?”

Hindi…naku hindi!

During one of the our classes last week, my friends and I got into a pretty amusing conversation about how truly pinoy a Filipino can be. Read on to get what I mean and please don’t tell me you haven’t done these things even once in your life.

Sopinoy antic 1:

Girl 1: “What does specific mean?”
Girl 2: “Ung spin-specify mo.”

Uh…so, ano nga meaning?
Sopinoyantic 2:
Kid: “Ma, how do you spell Democracy?”

Uhh… I know the pronounciation…spell nga eh… Haay naku, magtetext na lang ako.

Sopinoy antic 3:

Boy 1: “When’s our project due?”
Boy 2: “Next next next week

Ah, sana sinabi mo nalang 3 weeks from now. Ginulo mo pa ang kausap mo.

Haay tayong mga Pinoy. We are really born with this supreme gift of humor. We make each other laugh without trying.
No wonder Pinoy Big Brother is sucha hit. Btw, why does every sentence begin with dude at the Pinoy Big Brother house? (or rather “dood” as pronounced by some). Is that some type of protocol or something? What if you don’t say “dude” (or “dood”) you get evicted. Tsk Tsk, kaya naman pala naaalis si Racquel. Haha.

I love that show.