what girls do at a basketball game


The Choco Duo Hyenas finally got to watch the game last Friday. (Hoot hoot, let’s go Kings. Kings won last Friday vs. Red Bull, next game is on Wednesday.) It was so fun (two words: “Sizzling Plate”) But of course since the duos were together, we noticed things out of the ordinary for us but prolly normal for the other people. But still, I swear there were a lot of screws loose. Off the court I mean.

I swear. Everyone were in halter tops, tank tops, tube tops and any other tops that doesn’t HIDE skin. Waaaayyyy low rise jeans toppled off with a HUGE BELT plus super high high heels, its plain danger to see them walk. Okay, to be nice some girls had the right and looked good in them but the others… Ho hum, I’m shutting up. Also, they all had face paint on, I’m so glad that with the not so good air conditioning at Cuneta, their faces didn’t melt.
“Saan ang party? Todo porma ah. Eh parang you’re just going to sit down and cheer once in awhile. At ba’t ang daming clown? Teka…may party nga ata.”
Tsk Tsk.

As if the thought isn’t revolting enough, I’m going to explain. Minutes before the second game started, 2 girls and a mother plopped on the seats in front of us. Aside from them talking while standing up (hello.. I actually want to see what’s going on), what made me notice them is the fact that they were all wearing white shirts, make up that covered their faces and not accentuated them and had belts and sashes ( what if you watch a game, should you be wearing these accessories mentioned? Someone must’ve passed an order I missed to receive. Hehehe) It was as if their cheeks were going to blow up because it was so RED. I continued on with the game, until I overheard this conversation (who wouldn’t hear it? They chose to talk during the time the crowd wasn’t roaring.)

PUFFY POPSICLE GIRL 1: “Ma, maganda na ba ko?”
MOTHER OF PPG: “Oo naman.”
PPG 1: “Picture tayo ma!”
(And they go on clicking and clicking until…)

MOTHER OF PPG (In a high pitched tone, as if kinikilig): “Anak! Nakatingin sayo ung isang player!!!”
(As if this news would pay off the Philippines, the girl looks delighted and starts looking back at the said player. You know the drill. The “butterfly” eyes and such. Finally, the timeout ends and they go on with their conversation)

PPG 1: “Grabe! Tinignan niya ko!!” (flutter of eyes, the reason why I call them the “butterfly” eyes)
Finally, the crowds take pity on my ears and drowns out one of the stupidest conversations I’ve ever heard. That’s when Duo and I started talking about why these girls were all fully made up to enjoy a game and here are the conclusions we came up with.

Girls want to look “beautiful and model-like” because they want these players to look at them and praise them and all those cheesy stupid things people do when “infatuated”. Girls, listen up. I don’t think the best time to meet basketball players is during a game. It isn’t as if they’d jump out of the court just to introduce themselves. I don’t think anyone is stupid enough to risk their…oh, what’s that again? Oh yeah THEIR JOB just so he could praise you for your beauty (which is actually praising Mac or Revlon or whatever makeup you girls use). Hey, they’ve got to earn a living after all. Guys are egoistic enough in general, what more if they have all these girls falling at their feet? Oh yeah, ego meter going WAY UP THERE. Girls, come on…even WE don’t like guys who flirt with everyone. Who takes a flirt seriously huh? Show me that person and I will surely whack that person in the head. It’s pure logic. If that person can do it to you (be aggressive and flirty and such) what assurance do you have that they wouldn’t do it to the next HOT PERSON who comes along?

You don’t have to try so hard to get noticed. Look your best at the simplest way possible. Accentuate your best features but don’t spend every waking moment trying to catch the next hot guy at tow (not just basketball players here). It won’t do you any good. You’d only get hurt because HELLO nobody gets EVERYONE. Even as girls, not all of us finds Brad Pitt hot. We only need ONE GUY NOT TWENTY FIVE! And also because when you bump into him, trust me on this, he wouldn’t care if you’re wearing face paint or not, instead he’ll just have this nerve ignited and know that you’re the one. How would this happen? Well, if something is meant to happen…it will! And you know what? If its for real … no matter what SEVENTEEN magazine says… then it simply won’t depend on how you look or how much junk you spread on your face. At the end of the day… it’s all about substance baby!