in my alternate world…this is bliss:)


In my alternate world… spending a Saturday indoors is better than going out and wasting my currently non-existent funds at the mall. In this world of mine, I’d rather spend time doing homework/ term projects which isn’t due until December or probably reviewing for the finals which is in the 3rd to the last week of December. Amazingly so, I don’t find this alarming about myself, I actually find it amusing because I used to dislike the idea of studying… or even staying at home on a Saturday, when you could be you know… at the mall, laughing with friends or something. That was five years ago. Oh man, I am so ancient.

In my alternate world… my parents aren’t the worst people on earth. Of course, I have that respect meant for the older and authoritative people in my life but I treat them more like my friends. I often tell them what’s wrong, listen to their advices, argue when I think that it’s wrong and be as frank as I could when ever the need for it arises. I love my parents. No matter how much we argue and fight over certain things (usually we argue about the simplest things and agree on the most difficult ones). I have been blessed and forever I am grateful. (Now, don’t go concluding that I am the perfect daughter because in my family of four siblings, I am usually the voice of reason, always finding ways to rebuttle whatever my parents have asked me to do. Ha! I’ve been that way ever since I was eleven).

In my alternate world… drinking isn’t fun. Okay, okay I totally have nothing against those people who truly enjoy drinking but it isn’t for me. And another confession, I drink once in awhile, bailey’s, san mig light and other drinks occasionally but again, I simply don’t go to parties just to get drunk. I was born to be this geek who enjoys staying at home, that might change when I’m older but for now. I’m happy with staying at home with my coffee.

In my alternate world…Brad Pitt isn’t hot. I simply don’t like guys who everyone is crushing on. I’m weird that way. As an example, I super liked Chris Evans after I saw Cellular last year, I really liked him…until Fantastic Four came out and everyone was ga-ga over him. I have no idea why, but this kind of mentality rooted from my Nsync days, I never liked Justin, it was Lance all the way.

In my alternate world… my life is okay. Despite me being the biggest geek and the lack of any romantic affiliations… I am happy. My life isn’t perfect ( a point I’ve never failed to mention in almost all of my entries) but I am happy with what has been giving. To me, my life is bliss and although I lack a lot of material things and other things that people might consider in order to have a perfect life… I wouldn’t trade places with anyone because to me… My alternate world is irreplaceable. There is only one Carla Bianca Velasquez Ravanes in the entire universe and when you look at it that way… Life is indeed radical:)