Of Coffee and Cocktails


I started drinking coffee at the tender age of six. I don’t know really what started the addiction in me, but I remember being six and demanding my dad to get me another cup. The addiction stayed with me well into my college years where I was taking in about five cups a day to stay awake.
As I transitioned out of college and into the working world, coffee shops became a place of solace. More than just taking coffee because of my dire need for it, it has become an experience, a time that I rest from the world and just be (which also means a lot of occasional people watching).
I associate my coffee drinking with relaxation, the first few minutes before my day starts or the minutes in between deadlines and meetings. It may come with age but I am also enjoying quality time spent with myself with just a good book, without my phone, and a new restaurant to explore. There’s something about being twenty something that gives you courage to go to unknown territories without questioning the whole concept of doing it alone.
However, there are just days when you want to fill the silence while experiencing something new and my go-to person is my good friend, Jap. Jap and I have been working together for almost three years now and our relationship has evolved from strictly professional to overly personal over the years (yes, she is often the recipient of my just woke up selfies). One of the new places we visited in our second home, SM Aura, is UCC Mentore. UCC Mentore is the spin off of the original Titos of Manila place, UCC, and just like any spin off, it is hip, exciting, and offers exciting ways to enjoy coffee.
UCC Mentore’s fine collection of Coffee and Liqueur Connoisseur selections basically puts together two incredible things together: coffee and liqueur. Mix that in with a great afternoon of Baked Brie with Fig Jam, Truffle Mac and Cheese, and good ole’ Lengua and you’ve got an afternoon to remember. Jap and I gabbed the afternoon away along with newfound friend, Janna Arceo and it made me realize that while doing things alone can be liberating it, you have a choice to actually not be alone. 
You have the choice to pick up the phone, ask your best girlfriends to hangout with you, and indulge in an afternoon of drinks of all kinds. While more and more places are welcoming brunch cocktails, UCC Mentore is the only place that gives you the opportunity to have a mix of coffee and cocktails at the same time during the day.
Our favorites in particular were Bailey’s with Sumiyaki Beans (Yes, coffee and Bailey’s right beside each other) and a Willy Wonka, which is a mix of vodka, espresso, lemon zest, and frangelico. So the next time you feel like you need a jolt of espresso while at the same time an hour of relaxation, UCC Mentore is the way to go. UCC Mentore in SM Aura also boasts of a Mini Golf putting area, which your friends can use to unwind or you can use during business meetings just like in the movies.
Truly, at the end of the day, all a busy woman really needs are her girlfriends, good food, strong coffee, and yes, a cocktail to get through just about anything.