On being a guy…


I accomplished something this weekend that I’m extremely proud of, I also devised a plan that I’m not entirely proud of, so let’s start by being positive, alright?

The brat that I am, I’ve been peskering my dad to hurry up my 21st birthday gift and get me a laptop. Of course he said no, along with the list of the things I recently purchased in December alone.

So, I found another way to go around it and realized that the laptop I got for my 18th birthday was still lying around at home, filled with viruses and as slow as a turtle. I thought it was a hopeless case but with the help of those macho MIS dudes at school, I got into a mission of saving it and it was a success!

It’s now working as fast as my brother’s vista and all viruses have been eliminated, I’ve also developed the hobby of collecting fonts. It’s pretty awesome because I used my resources and spent the entire weekend staying up way past my bed time to get things done.

Another reason to not need a man in my life.


It’s a game. It’s a mean game, but a game nonethless, I hope no one gets hurt by it.