Truth Of The Matter Is…


When I got to school today I didn’t find the gut feel to throw or trample every flower and/or chocolate that I saw and neither did I wear black and/or wore a frown on my face.

I am still disgusted over the fact that people commercialize V-day just to add profits. Okay, okay it’s my course and all, but seriously, isn’t Christmas so much better and more genuine?
I guess you really can’t blame those with special someone-s or be mad over the fact that that kind of love still exsists.
Not bad.

I hate multiply.
And just because people use it to show off and trash other people.
I love Hilary Duff!!!
I used to love Nicole Ritchie as much but it’s now a lesser kind of love because she stole Hilary’s first love, Joel Madden away.
I hate it when guys:
A) Flirt with you even if they’re attached
B) Brag about the exes
C) Brag abotu thier cars
D) Brag about the bars that they’ve been to
A little intelligence please.
Enjoy the rest of the mushy day and if you’re heartbroken or just hate this day…